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Nova SU is glad to present you the Nova SU Portal, our brand-new platform which aims at providing our associates new tools that allow you to thrive towards in your studies.

We will continue to improve the features of this Portal. We want you to take the best of it, not only through the Note’s Repository, but also with the Erasmus Simulator, the Start UP your Career offers, the possibility of booking our events online, and much more in the future. Together and with your feedback we will create an essential platform for all Nova SBE students.

Exchange Experience

All the informations and activities you need for your best semester

The International departament at Nova SU ensures that incoming foreign students get to know the country and have an amazing experience while studying at Nova.

Keep in touch with us and follow our activities. You are welcomed!

Nova Press

Articles written by our students and clubs

We aim to provide students with a platform to express their thoughts and ideas. Whether it is connected to the faculty’s commonly discussed topics or something completely unrelated, we believe that exposing your opinion is the first step toward a healthy discussion and the best way to disseminate knowledge.


Get to play in one of our teams

Nova SU manages 3 different teams by its own: the male football team, male futsal team and female volleyball team. Join us!

You can also practice much more sports that are managed by NOVA itself.

Our Clubs

Nova SBE clubs

Nova SBE has a huge community composed of different clubs. Each one focuses on one area of expertise and has its own activities.

Clubs are groups of students with the same interests that learn and develop their skills throughout the semester.

Our Acomplishments

The electoral program fulfillments

Nova SU takes seriously the electoral program that students voted. This said, we point out every accomplishment during each mandate which includes electoral promises and new ideas that were implemented.

Take a look at our work and get to know more about what we do!

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Being part of Nova SU during my first year brought me the best friends, incredible moments and a unique sense of community that I had never experienced before.

Leonor FarmhouseEconomics, 1st Year

Nova SU has given me support in dealing with some simple but daily tasks. Simple things as students' integration, class notes support or even social and network events have given me a great added value.

Francisco Caldeira Economics, 3rd Year

When I arrived at Nova, the first good impression I had of it, was its Student´s Union. Well organized and helpful, Nova SU has provided me a pleasant and fun academic 1st year’s life, not only by being a tool for my study but for also organizing the best events I could ask for.

Leonor MatiasEconomics, 1st Year

Nova SU really improved my experience in the university with awesome events, parties and opportunities! Besides that, the continuous concern with the well being of the academic community is remarkable.

Henrique PaivaManagement, 2nd Year
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Our Address | R. de Campolide Travessa Estêvão Pinto, 1099-032 Lisboa, Room 244