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By February 22, 2021 No Comments

Nando’s is an interesting mix between fast food and a conventional restaurant. You go into the restaurant and sit down. The waiter/waitress hands you your menu. You decide what you want to eat and you go to the counter to order and pay. Then you return and waitstaff bring your food to you.

Similarly, the food itself is a crossover between fast and conventional: It’s higher quality and fresher than what you’d get at a fast food restaurant but it’s delivered just as quickly yet right to your table. It’s primarily chicken-based food (although it’s very vegetarian friendly) and you can get a variety of salads. You choose what level of spiciness you want and there’s a set of shelves from which you choose various sauces (hot, extra hot, garlic, etc.) to add to your food.

Between the food and the atmosphere, it has become my favorite restaurant. (Unfortunately, there are only a few in North America. Hopefully franchisers will jump into the opportunity!)

I like the business model, too. The mix between fast and conventional fills a gap. No longer do people who desire a quick lunch have to resort to less-healthy choices or an all-plastic eating environment. The restaurant is fun and classy. While staff costs are higher (since there is a kitchen and waitstaff), food costs can be controlled (especially with a limited menu and flavors added through sauce rather than menu variety). Additionally the speed helps increase table turnover.

If you ever get a chance to try Nando’s, do so! You won’t be disappointed!

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