Dear friend,

Nova Students’ Union (Nova SU) was founded in March 1986 and represents around 2500 students at Nova SBE. Every year, Nova SU’s team puts all its effort into intermediating and solving students’ problems, organize entertaining events, conferences and develop tools to help our students and colleagues to thrive in their academic life.

We know that university is the best time of everyone’s life. Nova SU takes this idea seriously and that is why we focus to become the closest to the students and promote the activity of the Nova SBE clubs, groups of students that undertake a specific activity within a certain area. Nova SU is a key player in Nova Community organizing more than 100 activities per year and, together with Nova SBE, manages the activities of all the clubs. We are lucky that a lot of students want to have an impact in this community that represents the most precious treasure we preserve.

The activities we propose and the investment we commit intend to be not only a complement to the hard work Nova demands but a symbiosis between classes and the enjoyment students need to derive from their experience at the University. This is the vision we want to pursue for an academic life that is intended to be remembered by the students. We want every student to be grateful by these years. Not only to the top-level education, not only to the amazing activities they could do in their free time or the clubs they were able to participate; we want them to be in an academic institution that is the flagship on the Economic, Finance and Management thinking. Our weeks of conferences support this ideal.

Therefore, we partner with clubs  and organize each year Economia Viva (Nova Economics Club) , the biggest cycle of conferences organized by students in Portugal, Nova Finance Week, a week dedicated to the challenges the financial institutions face, Nova Entrepreneurial Week, promoting creativity and experience sharing of startups, Nova Marketing Week (Nova Marketing Club) and Nova Consulting Week (Nova Junior Consulting).

To conclude, talk to us, come to our office (room 224) and participate in our events. Challenge us, we are here do to better and to do the things you like the most. Nova is an unforgettable journey that will shape the history of all its students and society. Walk by our side and help us build the best experience ever. We are counting on you!

Being part of Nova SU during my first year brought me the best friends, incredible moments and a unique sense of community that I had never experienced before.

Leonor FarmhouseEconomics, 1st Year

Nova SU has given me support in dealing with some simple but daily tasks. Simple things as students' integration, class notes support or even social and network events have given me a great added value.

Francisco Caldeira Economics, 3rd Year

When I arrived at Nova, the first good impression I had of it, was its Student´s Union. Well organized and helpful, Nova SU has provided me a pleasant and fun academic 1st year’s life, not only by being a tool for my study but for also organizing the best events I could ask for.

Leonor MatiasEconomics, 1st Year

Nova SU really improved my experience in the university with awesome events, parties and opportunities! Besides that, the continuous concern with the well being of the academic community is remarkable.

Henrique PaivaManagement, 2nd Year

Since my firsts days at Nova SBE that I wanted to be part of the Students' Union, and fortunately I had that opportunity! I'm really proud of what we have been making for the school and mostly for the students

Diogo CostaManagement, 2nd Year

Nova SU has greatly contributed to making my time at Nova unforgettable. From day one onwards their events helped me to connect with my peers. Their support of other student club’s activities is highly appreciated

Christian OsterholdMaster in Economics