Dear colleagues,

Welcome to our digital tool.

Here you can find a very complete place, where you can study, find job opportunities and use a simulator to know what is the perfect local to go for an exchange programme. We’ll update with very useful content everytime you need. We’ll develop a way to pay for all the events from here!

Our External Relations department is working very hard to give you the best partnerships. We’ll work based in your necessities. If you have something you need related to partnerships (eg. food partnerships) just send an e-mail:

Our Pedagogical department is working very hard to give you the best repository notes ever. We’ll try to improve the content for Masters. Your opinion is crucial, help us just sending an e-mail:

Our Sports department is responsible to manage our sports teams and create new ones. If you like sports and you want to be part of our team, just send an e-mail:

Our Social Impact department is working closely with NGO and find international volunteer experiences. This department is developing the Nova SU scholarship, to protect the ones with financial issues. If you have a suggestion just send an email:

Our International department is focused on exchange students, the ones that arrived and the ones that depart. They work to help them to be part of the school and have the best experience ever. If you have ideas to help us just e-mail:

Our Masters department is focused to defend the interest of Masters students. They organize the best parties. But they are also very focused on the academic part of your experience, working closely with all students representants. If you are with problems just send an e-mail:

Our Entertainment department and our Cultural Department are here to proportionate good events to you. If it’s true they will organize the best parties ever. It’s also true they will give you very good cultural moments as cinema nights. If you have any problem send an email:

Our Educational Policy department is focused in your problems. They are working to give you all the conditions you need. To fight for fair price of meals, more places to study or better conditions for student-worker. Any problem report by mail:

Our Marketing and Comunication department is work with our image. Is managing our social media and interacting with you with the best content. If you have sugestion just text to:

Our General Secretary is working very hard with Nova SBE clubs. She is the person in charge of this very important part of our school life. If you need something just text to:

Our Treasurer is 100% focused in our finance. Is working as a CFO, ensuring next Nova SU will have all conditions to continue to represent you as you deserve. Any isue just text him:

Last but not least, I’m here to managing this fantastic team. I’m here to be your voice anywhere evrywhere. I’m here to work with you for you! Any time you need just text:

Does not matter when, where or how. We are always THERE FOR YOU!

Manuel Felgueiras e Sousa
Nova SU President

Being part of Nova SU during my first year brought me the best friends, incredible moments and a unique sense of community that I had never experienced before.

Leonor FarmhouseEconomics, 1st Year

Nova SU has given me support in dealing with some simple but daily tasks. Simple things as students' integration, class notes support or even social and network events have given me a great added value.

Francisco Caldeira Economics, 3rd Year

When I arrived at Nova, the first good impression I had of it, was its Student´s Union. Well organized and helpful, Nova SU has provided me a pleasant and fun academic 1st year’s life, not only by being a tool for my study but for also organizing the best events I could ask for.

Leonor MatiasEconomics, 1st Year

Nova SU really improved my experience in the university with awesome events, parties and opportunities! Besides that, the continuous concern with the well being of the academic community is remarkable.

Henrique PaivaManagement, 2nd Year

Since my firsts days at Nova SBE that I wanted to be part of the Students' Union, and fortunately I had that opportunity! I'm really proud of what we have been making for the school and mostly for the students

Diogo CostaManagement, 2nd Year

Nova SU has greatly contributed to making my time at Nova unforgettable. From day one onwards their events helped me to connect with my peers. Their support of other student club’s activities is highly appreciated

Christian OsterholdMaster in Economics