Welcome Guide

To enable a better integration of the freshmen, a guide for the first year was introtuced in the welcome package

New Campus

Constantly negotiated with the Nova SBE's board in order to find the best solutions for the move to the new campus

Nova SU Portal

Release of the Nova SU Portal with documents to help students' academic achievements and with helpful information regarding exchange schools

GMAT Course

Enabled Nova SBE students to take GMAT preparation courses

Class Notes

Organized several contests to reward students' best notes and add them to Nova SU repository available to all associates

Book Fair

Spanish Courses

Bachelor Students had the opportunity to learn Spanish during the semester

New Campus

Prepared a report about the new campus, focusing on Nova SBE students' concerns and fears

Nova SU Feedback

Collected feedback from Nova SBE's students regarding the Nova SU's events that occured during the mandate

Economia Viva

Organised the 3rd edition of Economia Viva, with Nova Economics Club, a major event about economics

Entrepreneurship Week

Organised the 3rd edition of the Entrepreneurship Week, a major event about entrepreneurship

Marketing Week

Organised the very 1st edition of the Marketing Week, with Nova Marketing Club, an event full of lectures about the most diverse sides of marketing

Nova Press

Continued to output content to Nova Press, and introduces its digital format

Política Viva

Organised two editions of the Política Viva event, an event where hot political topics in Portugal are discussed

Soirée Cultural

Organized the annual edition of the Soiree Cultural, an one night event dedicated to short sultural stage acts

Nova Cinema

Organized three Nova Cinema activities, where three movies were displayed throughout the year

Pizza Quiz Night

Organized three Pizza Quiz Nights, an event aiming for students to show their general knowledge, while eating pizza

Nova SU Website

Created a new website to enable a more efficient communication about the activities organized

Nova SU Monthly Agenda

Increasing awareness of events through a monthly agenda posted in the entrance of the university

Events' videos

To complement pictures of the events, Nova SU started to record the moments using video


Creation of a new communication channel via SMS for Associates to convey specially important messages


Stronger presence in Instragram increasing posts, stories and number of followers


Organised a Mexican Sunset, with food and drinks never seen before in a SU event

Winter Gala

Organised the annual Winter Gala in a new and innovative space

Nova Fest

Organised once again a successful Nova Fest, an eletronic music festival


Introduced the new party concept of Novinhas, an open bar party, full of out of the box and unforgettable events and with renowned dj's

Freshmen Weekend

Organised the Freshmen Weekend

Freshmen Dinner

Organised the iconic and welcoming Freshmen Dinner


Organised the welcome back dinner of the second semester, Novageddon


Organised many of the typical barbecues

Nova Night Out

Agreement with Lust in Rio to provide Nova students with weekly free entrance

Supercup Conquer

The Nova SBE's football team won the Supercup of the Lisbon University League

Le tournoi des 5 ballons

The Nova SBE's football team participated, and won, an international tournament


New partnership with Misk, in order to offer students 2 brunches

Advantages Advertisement

Created a data base of current partnerships to be advertised to students

Walking Tour in Lisbon

Took new master students through a Lisbon walking tour

Speed Dating

Sunset Party

Organised a sunset party for master students

Q&A Session with Alumni

Gatheres alumni in order to answer to current aster students' questions

Caparica's Sports Day

Organised a sports day in Costa da Caparica

Tour in Bairro Alto

Took master students to a night out in bairro alto, where not only did they meet this zone of Lisbon, but also got to know a few bars in it

Inclusion of the student representitives


Courses' Review


End of the semester summer party

Masters Spring Semester Kick-off

Masters Graduation Dinner and After Party


Bairro do Pragal

Rehabilitation of garage for the youngsters of Pragal city

Caracavelo's Volunteering

Creation of partnerships with Carcavelo's local institutions for future activities

Surf Contest

Helped the Surf Club to organise another successful Surf Contest in Carcavelos

Partnership with Erasmus Life Lisboa

Establishment of a partnership with Erasmus Life Lisboa for cooperating in existing events and creating new ones together

Buddy Program

Improvement of the program to welcome international students to Lisbon and the Nova SBE community

Welcome Week

Organisation of the Welcome Week, aimed at meeting the new exchange students while touring the Lisbon area, partying and having different activities

Erasmus Platform

In the international departament created a platform for students to choose the best Erasmus destination according to their preferences and constrains

Under Construction